At Cardtronics, we believe that diversity enriches our performance and products, the communities where we live and work and the lives of our employees. Just as our customer base is infinitely diverse, so is our workforce.

Diversity is an essential element of our corporate values, shaping and guiding the kind of company we are and aspire to be. By continuing to drive diversity initiatives throughout our business, we harness each individual's full potential, provide the best customer experience, tap the best and brightest talent, improve our operating results and become a better place to work.

We work hard at Cardtronics to think inclusively, value differences and provide the necessary tools to give each employee a chance to do his or her best work. This approach has resulted in a wealth of fresh ideas and creative problem solving as we focus on the customers and markets we serve, the business processes and practices we use, the products and services we develop and our growing workforce.

Our understanding of diversity helps us serve our customers better. Success and productivity are natural extensions of a corporate culture that truly values all people, putting diversity among our top corporate priorities.