The Benefits of Cash

Safe and secure. Easy to use. Accepted all over.

Pay CashMillions of customer accounts compromised, payments data in the hands of criminals. Not the headlines you want to see, but the headlines we have endured far too much recently. In an age of rapid payments innovation, where bits and bytes transfer hands instead of notes and coins, it is easier than ever for consumers and the businesses who serve them to become more statistics.

There is, however, one sure-fire way to avoid the problems of data breaches and hacker attacks on the payments network – use the most secure, most trusted, longest-lived payment mechanism known to man – cash!

The benefits of cash for consumers are numerous:

  • It’s secure – never stored in a data vault or transmitted over a network where criminals can siphon off your identity and your financial life
  • Always ready to use, no power or network needed (ever try using a card after a big storm?)
  • Accepted virtually everywhere and everyone knows how to use it
  • No interest to pay
  • Easy budgeting

The benefits of cash aren’t just for consumers - merchants enjoy them too:

  • Inexpensive to accept
  • No risk of data compromise
  • No special hardware or networks needed

Paper or plastic – the choice is clear! Cash works every time and won’t leave you compromised.