Transaction Driving – Allpoint Network

ATM Allpoint Network Drives Consumer Traffic
As a Cardtronics partner, you can tap into the power of Allpoint to drive transactions to your ATMs, dollars to your bottom line and smiles to your customers.
Q: Why?
A: Because Allpoint taps into the large number of ATM users that refuse to pay a surcharge and instead leads these valuable consumers to your ATMs.
Q: But won’t I lose out on surcharge revenue?
A: No! The fact of the matter is that Allpoint users seek out surcharge-free Allpoint ATMs – very few are using your ATMs today, and certainly not a regular basis. By placing your ATMs in Allpoint, you generate incremental ATM usage.
Q: If it’s surcharge-free, how do I make any money?
A: Simple – interchange! Allpoint provides independent ATM deployers with a set level of interchange nearly twice what some of the largest networks pay – that means every Allpoint transaction puts money in your pocket.
Q: What else is so great about Allpoint?
A: Lots of things! Here are some of the many advantages of Allpoint:
  • Scale: 60 million consumers are in the Allpoint Network – that’s a lot of potential traffic in every one of your locations
  • Active members: the banks and credit unions that take part in Allpoint actively drive their customers to your ATMs through regular marketing and advertising
  • Apps: everyone today wants an app, and we have some of the best! Allpoint apps for all the major mobile platforms, plus web-based tools, allow consumers to find an Allpoint ATM – your ATM – easily, no matter where they are
Of course, Allpoint is optional – no Cardtronics partner is required to participate – but why would you decline? As a Cardtronics partner, you can start benefiting from Allpoint today!