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We offer a variety of programs customized to meet the needs of each individual client, including:

Turnkey Program – Cardtronics provides the equipment and all other services necessary for the correct operation of the ATM in qualified locations. The merchant will receive a rent plus a percentage of the revenues generated by the ATM.

Cash Assistance – The merchant purchases the ATM and assumes all maintenance and communication expenses. Cardtronics provides the cash and all other services. Revenues are divided between the Merchant and Cardtronics.

Merchant Assistance – The merchant provides the cash, electricity and communications. Cardtronics supplies the equipment and all additional services. Revenues are divided between both parties.

Merchant’s Ownership – This program allows the merchant to purchase and maintain the ATMs, supplying the cash and related armored services (unless the merchant elects to directly take the cash) and also provides electricity for the equipment. Cardtronics provides the sponsoring bank services as well as processing, on-line reports and monitoring. Under this program, Cardtronics simply charges a set fee for each transaction and the merchant receives all revenues.

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