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Cardtronics, a firm with registered shares on the Stock Exchange in New York under the symbol CATM, is the operator of ATMs with more presence in the world, with over 15 years experience and strength in the market. The company operates over 225,000 ATMs worldwide, from the US and the UK to Mexico, Canada and Germany. Annually, Cardtronics processes about one billion transactions. Notably, the company operates its own processing center, allowing it provide you all services related to the industry. It should be noted that the company has with all federal and international certifications to process almost any type of debit and credit transaction.
In 2009 Cardtronics decided to enter the Puerto Rican market to provide based on vertical and transparent service. Its corporate philosophy is positioned as the leading company of its kind on the island. One of the qualities distinguishing Cardtronics is its compliance with all federal regulations which apply to the electronic payments industry. This helps ensure the privacy of consumer information and clarity in the process. Cardtronics also faithfully observes its tax responsibilities to the country and contributes to economic growth in Borinquen.
Cardtronics is recognized by leading local financial institutions, who today appear as its partners. In addition, hundreds of Puerto Rican businessmen are part of the great family of the company, and trust Cardtronics as an ally. Together Cardtronics works with them to increase the services they offer to their customers and increase revenues in a responsible and reliable process.