Cardtronics: A Global Leader

Cardtronics is a company unique in its class for pioneering the ATM industry in being listed on the Stock Exchange of New York. This means that Cardtronics Puerto Rico, a foreign entity duly incorporated in the Island, has the backing of the parent company, Cardtronics Inc., listed as a global leader in ATM services.
Today Cardtronics has a presence in all fifty states of America, Canada, Mexico, Germany and the UK. It operates over 100,000 terminals in these markets and processes over 1 billion transactions annually. Cardtronics began operations in Puerto Rico in 2009. It achieved an unprecedented expansion to establish relationships with retailers and major financial institutions on the island. They found an ally in Cardtronics to offer Puerto Ricans the service they deserve with seriousness and reliability.
Cardtronics maintains an accelerated expansion pace. Every day more destinations are added to fertilize the development of the ATM industry and position it as one of seriousness and advancement.