Some of our customers in Puerto Rico inclue shops of all types and sizes, financial institutions and government sector.

Cardtronics has prestigious partners in Puerto Rico. Those financial institutions, local businessmen and government officials rely on the experience and integrity of Cardtronics daily. From major retail chains operating in the island to small and medium entrepreneurs, they have joined with Cardtronics to expand the services they offer to their customers and increase their revenue. Financial institutions trust Cardtronics as a facilitator to maximize resources, strengthen their ATM network, reduce costs and expand coverage. This combination attracts customers who look for covenience in today's competitive market.

Financial Institutions

Cardtronics Puerto Rico Financial Institutions Clients

Financial institutions that are clients of the Allpoint Network

Allpoint Customers of these institutions financial may withdraw cash FREE OF CHARGE at any Cardtronics ATM that has the logo of Allpoint in Puerto Rico and internationally.

Cardtronics Puerto Rico Financial institutions that are clients of the Allpoint Network

Gasoline Industry

Cardtronics Puerto Rico Gas Industry Clients


Cardtronics Puerto Rico Supermarket Clients


Cardtronics Puerto Rico Pharmacy Clients


Cardtronics Puerto Rico Hoteles Clients


Cardtronics Puerto Rico Government Clients


Cardtronics Puerto Rico Pharmacy Clients


Cardtronics Puerto Rico Restaurantes Clients

Hardware Stores

Cardtronics Puerto Rico Hardware Stores Clients


Cardtronics Puerto Rico Parking Clients