Customer Care

Each client plays a leading role in Cardtronics, from retailers to financial institutions. To esure employers, banks and cooperatives get the most from their network of ATMs, Cardtronics has representatives available to assist you in the time needed, 24 hours a day.

1-800-948-5884 or Online Contact Form


To complement this, Cardtronics customers can verify your income, corroborate the transactional activity or monitor its ATMs in real time by accessing the provided online reports. To access reports online, Cardtronics makes available a website. Instructions and settings can be managed through local representatives or through the customer service center, by calling 1-800-948-5884.

As if that were not enough, Cardtronics trading partners can receive counseling to ensure compliance with regulations applicable to the ATM industry, especially traders who own terminals or financial institutions. In this line, Cardtronics has designed Merchant Compliance Procedures to keep the operation of ATMs as a tool of additional business and make it very profitable.