Online Merchant Reporting

Cardtronics's philosophy is to keep customers informed about the activity of their ATMs. With this in mind, he designed a tool to provide online reporting, which allows the employer to monitor their terminals in real time and from anywhere you are.
In short, the reports meet the objective of the customer to maintain control of your network to have the following features:
  • Dynamic search criteria: Allows customers to format reports based on their own criteria.
  • Access detailed report: Provides access to activity reports for each cashier, per day, per hour and per type of transaction.
  • Loading cash: Details load of cash in each ATM, day and hour.
  • Cash Balance: Access is via terminal, group or network. Allows reconcile deposits with the bank.
  • Compensation / closing: Offers Details cashier to reconcile cash deposits and fees.
  • Income: Breaks down revenues ATM, group, month, week or other parameter.
To access the reports, traders must complete a form to create you a personal record. Usually, this form is included with the documents that form part of the initial hiring process. For more information, you can contact our staff locally, which will provide immediate service and whose contacts are provided on this page.