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Cardtronics Puerto Rico - Larcorp President

The experience and leadership of Cardtronics in ATM industry, linked to the fact that the company is the only of its kind to be listed on the Stock Exchange in New York, enabled it to become a supplier of choice for financial institutions of all kinds. Usually, banks and cooperatives have to hire a large number of suppliers to support the operation of their network. Given this reality, Cardtronics designed several programs to provide comprehensive solutions to ATM entities, so that they can entrust their network to a single company and reduce costs immediately.
Aware that each lender has a different and unique corporate personality, Cardtronics evaluates each profile and designs a specific plan according to your particular need. Alternatives include the following programs:
Management of the existing network - Cardtronics develops strategies to reduce costs so it can offer all the services needed to operate an ATM. This includes the maintenance of first and second level services, providing cash, conveying communications, insurance costs, processing, compliance with all applicable regulations and computer services without any investment for the institution. This can be done with both terminals or outside branches.
Program "Branding" - When an institution wishes to increase the presence of almost instantaneously, Cardtronics gives you the option of "branding". Through this initiative solution, Cardtronics makes available to its existing base of ATMs to the entity which can label the quipo with your brand and your customers have free access cost. In this case, Cardtronics is responsible for all operation of the terminal, and there is not any initial investment. Simply put, the entity pays a fixed monthly fee to display their image on your ATM and your customers have access to withdraw cash without charge.

Again, the options available are integral in order to achieve and facilitate the operation of the ATM network, minimize costs and expand service coverage. Note programs can be combined to cultivate corporate image to customers every day require greater accessibility to services.