Programs for Entrepreneurs

ATM | Cardtronics Puerto Rico - Old San Juan

Cardtronics installs and operates ATMs in businesses of all types and sizes:
  • Goods and services companies
  • Nonprofit institutions
Specific solutions for retail cashiers
Cardtronics offers a variety of programs designed to meet the individual needs of each client.
Everything included
Cardtronics provides the equipment and all services necessary for the operation of the ATM. The entrepreneur receives compensation for space rental, and fees for all transactions processed through the cashier.
Cash Assistance
The entrepreneur acquires the ATM and pays for the costs of communication and maintenance. Cardtronics provides all other services, including the provision of cash. Income is divided between the employer and the company.
Support for the entrepreneur
The dealer is responsible for the effective, electricity and communications. Cardtronics provides the equipment and additional services. Income is divided between both parties.
Property dealer
This program allows the merchant to acquire and maintain the ATM, which includes providing electric equipment, armored cash and related services (unless you choose to make delivery of cash directly). Meanwhile, Cardtronics is responsible for processing and provides all services of the bank sponsor, online reporting and monitoring. Under this program, Cardtronics simply charges a fixed fee per transaction and the merchant receives all income.