EFT Processing

Our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) processing operation is used across Cardtronics' ATM portfolio, as well as by customers who operate their own ATMs.

Cardtronics operates one of the world's largest ATM processing networks. Our highly secure processing network is fully PCI compliant and is extremely fault tolerant with three physically separated and redundant SAS70 certified data centers.

Our in-house EFT processing platform provides numerous benefits to our customers including:


  • Lower operating costs that increase the profitability of your ATM program, whether Cardtronics provides a turnkey or ATM management solution
  • Direct accountability should any problems arise
  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Enhanced capabilities for personalization, delivery of marketing messages, and development of other innovative programs

All Cardtronics turnkey customers benefit from the many advantages of our in-house EFT processing network. Merchants and financial institutions looking for a reliable, flexible, and cost effective EFT processing network on which to operate their own ATMs may also tap into our processing program on an a la carte basis.