ATM Services for Community Banks
and Credit Unions

ATM surcharge-free cash solutions to improve cardholder convenience and competitive stance

Cardtronics provides a suite of secure, on-demand, bank-grade ATM services for financial institutions that want to improve their cardholders’ cash and self-service experience while improving efficiency by reducing costs and refocusing resources on core business initiatives that drive growth.

Improve your competitive stance, grow faster and streamline easier with Cardtronics.

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Allpoint Network: Over 55,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs Worldwide

Every financial institution needs a competitive cash access solution, but not every institution can afford to deploy thousands of its own ATMs. Allpoint provides instant competitive advantage by expanding your surcharge-free network to over 55,000 locations.

Allpoint ATMs are located in the most desirable retail locations like Target, Costco, Walgreens and CVS/pharmacy. Your own ATMs do not participate and you will never send your cardholders to a competitor’s branch.

Joining Allpoint is simple – just provide your BINs and start enjoying surcharge-free ATMs at unprecedented scale overnight. No cards to re-issue, no system updates. We’ll even help you market Allpoint access to your cardholders so you can maximize service investment.

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ATM Branding: Extending Your Points of Presence

Our ATMs. Our Locations. Your Brand.

ATM Branding expands your brand to the Cardtronics ATMs of your choice, providing pin-point surcharge-free cash where it’s needed most.

Brand the screen experience just for your cardholders, or brand the entire ATM for all to see. Either way, extend your points of presence and increase cardholder convenience without the capital outlay. Leverage the ATM assets Cardtronics has deployed with both national retailers and local favorites.

Beef up your presence in current markets, enter a new market entirely or right-size your own ATM strategy without sacrificing cardholder convenience – ATM Branding can help do it all and save significant time and cost in the process.

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ATM Managed Services

ATM management the easy way.

At Cardtronics, the ATM is our core competency – it’s what we do. While an important channel for every financial institution, maximizing efficient ATM operation is not at the center of your business. Put our expertise, scale, cost advantages and innovation to work for you, and let Cardtronics free up your vital human and financial assets to focus on what differentiates your institution… leave the ATMs to us.

Cardtronics ATM Managed Services is high quality, cost-effective management of your ATMs, on- and off-premise, wherever they may be.

Focus your vital human and financial resources on what differentiates your institution in the digital era, while Cardtronics manages your still-critical ATM, cash and self-service assets.

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Convenient Cash Deposits at Nationwide U.S. Retail Locations

Extend the value of Allpoint surcharge-free withdrawals by adding cash deposits to your distribution strategy. Available in select U.S. retail locations, Allpoint+ is the most convenient, cost effective way to combine physical cash and digital banking.

Allpoint+ goes beyond cash withdrawals to provide full-service banking in a self-service format, extending branch capabilities to the places where your cardholders live, shop, work and travel.

Right-size your branch and ATM footprint and free up capital and team resources with Allpoint+. Improve cardholder experience while you focus on your key priorities and service differentiators without losing the physical transactional capabilities valued by your cardholders.

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Allpoint +, Convenient Cash and Check Deposits at Nationwide Retail Locations

Location Services

LocatorSearch allows you to quickly and seamlessly aggregate ATM and branch location data, including Allpoint locations, into one easy-to-use search tool with web, mobile app and telephone IVR options that help your cardholders find your locations pain free.

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ATM Purchases

ATM Outsourcing is a quick and cost effective way to extend ATMs across your branch and off-premise network, but sometimes you just need to purchase a new ATM. As one of the world’s largest buyers of ATM hardware, representing all of the major manufacturers, Cardtronics can help conserve your capital budget by tapping into our buying power and reducing the costs of your new machines. With dedicated ATM sales support, we can help you find the right machines to fit your needs and find the right price too.

Proven. Trusted. Reliable.

Cardtronics is trusted by over 2,000 financial institutions of every size to satisfy the cash access needs of their cardholders across our turnkey ATM Managed Services, ATM Branding Solutions, Allpoint and Allpoint+ surcharge-free network services.

Unique within the industry, Cardtronics provides the highest level of customer service and data security. We own the hardened processing platform on which our transactions run, a redundant platform vetted and approved by the biggest names in financial services.

Our unequaled retail footprint gives your cardholders cash access in the most convenient, trusted locations such as Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Kroger, Speedway and many more.

Cardtronics’ high-availability ATM network is designed to function without interruption, backed up by 24/7/365 nationwide support, real-time monitoring, and fully redundant operations ready to remedy any rare ATM outage.

No one does more to secure the financial lives of your customers than Cardtronics. We’ve built a fortified ATM processing platform trusted by many of the world’s most security-conscious organizations, and we back that up with an unequaled business continuity system, dedicated security and continuity teams, and redundant operations centers. At Cardtronics, security isn’t an afterthought, it’s in our DNA.

But great security doesn’t mean much if the ATM can’t perform. That’s why we put such a focus on delivering a high-performance ATM environment, maximizing ATM availability and uptime while also ensuring our ATMs meet today’s stringent standards, such as EMV, while being ready for the future.