Why Cardtronics

Over 2,300 financial institutions depend on Cardtronics services to better serve their customers and create a distinct competitive advantage.

Cardtronics supplies the perfect combination of cost effective services that generate positive, tangible results for financial institutions of every size.

  • Turnkey ATM solutions tap into the vast infrastructure, existing network, and talent pool of one of the world’s largest ATM operators to provide immediate improvements to any ATM program.
  • Cardtronics operates the largest company-owned ATM network in the United States, a network available to reach your customers where they live, work, shop, and play.
  • Many of the nation's best-known merchants are customers of Cardtronics. Your customers can easily find a Cardtronics ATM near them, in locations they know and with retail brands they trust.
  • Cardtronics offers programs to fit the needs of any bank or credit union, regardless of size.
  • Cardtronics is a financially stable, NASDAQ-listed company that will be with you today, tomorrow, and for years to come.
  • A dedicated support team and individually assigned account managers monitor and maximize our programs for banks and credit unions.
  • We operate our own processing network, one of the world's largest and most reliable. Our systems are fully PCI compliant and meet or exceed the highest security standards. Additionally, our processing system allows Cardtronics to enable specialty services at our ATMs such as preferences and delivery of marketing messages.
  • Cardtronics consistently provides some of the highest ATM availability in the industry, averaging 99.0% or better. Your customers can count on Cardtronics-managed ATMs when and where they need them, and you can rest assured that associating your brand with Cardtronics is a wise decision. We ensure our guaranteed uptime through:
    • 24/7 help desk
    • Two redundant data centers for continuous ATM monitoring
    • Leading ATM infrastructure and vendor partnerships
    • Innovative ATM technology and high availability processing network