Connect With Your Cardholders

Help cardholders find your banking service locations quickly and easily with LocatorSearch, a comprehensive suite of on-demand location search software for web and mobile.

LocatorSearch seamlessly integrates with your institution’s current infrastructure – creating engagement with your brand and helping customers and members find your ATM and other banking locations easily and quickly.

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Locator Search on a PC, tablet and phone

Allpoint Network ATMs and Your Locations – On One Map

LocatorSearch combines your locations - both branches and ATMs - with participating Allpoint locations around the globe, so your cardholders have one simple locator to find any available surcharge-free ATM. Native integration with Allpoint data means:

  •  Allpoint locations are always up-to-date
  •  No need to import Allpoint data into another locator service

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Using locator search on a laptop
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Find ATM Locations Fast!

LocatorSearch is a simple, effective way to aggregate your ATM and branch locations – automatically displaying them on a map based on IP address.

Interactive mapping features allow users to click and drag, zoom-in on locations and find turn-by-turn driving directions to the nearest ATM service.

Location information can be sent directly to mobile phones and email.

Whether your cardholders are shopping, travelling, working or playing, they can request the closest ATM service – branch locations, surcharge-free ATMs or other services - based on their current location.

  •  Sort locations by required service
  •  Click and drag, zoom, and use turn-by-turn driving directions
  •  Send location data to mobile phone or email
  •  Consolidate your participation in multiple surcharge-free networks into one, easy-to-use locator