Connect with your cardholders through LocatorSearch!

ATM - Allpoint membersLocatorSearch provides a comprehensive suite of on-demand location search applications that allows your institution to connect your cardholders to the services they’re looking for. Effectively aggregate ATM and branch location information and deliver location data seamlessly through the web, internet-enabled phones or IVR technology.

Web: Lead your cardholders to your branch locations, surcharge-free or deposit taking ATMs directly from your website.

Mobile: Keep your locations in your cardholders’ pockets with our mobile locator applications. Add our text location services to provide a quick location lockup through SMS. Or, launch a fully customizable app that’s consistent with institution branding across all touchpoints.

Speech: Our speech locations services are telephony-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications that find location information based on attributes like location and street address.

Simplify their search with LocatorSearch!

  • Reduce operating costs by providing your cardholders with a low-cost channel to find the information they’re looking for.
  • Keep cardholders engaged with your brand by making your location information easy to find and simple to use.
  • Improve customer service and retention by providing easy access to location information, when and how your cardholders need it.

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Call 1-877-729-0086, email sales@locatorsearch.com or visit the LocatorSearch website to learn more about how LocatorSearch can connect you with your cardholders today!