The American consumer has spoken: Cash Matters

U.S. consumers use a wide range of payment methods throughout everyday life, with cash taking a special place as the most universally used way to pay. While the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic threw in doubt much of life, it has not changed how consumers view payments and their preference for cash, especially among unbanked and underbanked groups. Despite predictions of a sea change in how we pay, the U.S. consumer wants to choose for herself, and continues to use cash in much the same way she has always done.

Cardtronics sponsored Javelin Strategy and Research to conduct two consumer payment studies, the 2020 Health of Cash Study based on fall 2019 consumer payment preferences and the 2020 Health of Cash Check-Up, conducted during the nadir of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic response in April 2020. Together, the two studies paint a picture of the resilience of cash, the consumer demand for payment choice, and the critical role cash plays for some of society’s most vulnerable.

Both studies are available for free download.

2020 Health of Cash Check-up Cover

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2020 Health of Cash Study Cover