Traffic Generating Programs

Cardtronics traffic-generating programs can leverage the banks and credit unions near you to send their customers to your ATMs.

The direct revenue generated from ATMs in your locations accounts for only a portion of the total revenue an ATM program can produce. Fully realizing all of your revenue, both direct and indirect, is dependent upon maximizing traffic to your ATMs, and thus to your locations.

ATM Branding

Cardtronics operates the world's largest ATM branding program, with tens of thousands of our ATMs bearing the names of the some of the largest banks and credit unions in the nation. Branded ATMs attract increased traffic from customers of the branding bank, sometimes hundreds of percentage points higher, in addition to generating total lift for all customers.
Cardtronics works with financial institutions across the country to bring the right brands to your ATM portfolio, whether that is one large brand across your entire portfolio or dozens of brands optimized for each city or region in which you operate. By being brand agnostic, Cardtronics can maximize revenue in each of your markets while allowing you to work with a single ATM provider.
Our dedicated financial services sales and relationship management teams will optimize branding at your locations and leverage the strength of our relationships with financial institutions including Citibank, PNC and many other top banks and credit unions. The branding program itself, including the choice of branding partner, is always optional and preapproved by you.

Surcharge-Free Programs

Cardtronics operates the world’s largest surcharge-free ATM program through our subsidiary, Allpoint. We also offer retailer-specific surcharge-free programs that can be developed and marketed with you.
These programs are always optional, but highly recommended because they allow you to attract millions of consumers who are customers of member financial institutions. These consumers seek out ATMs in our surcharge-free networks, providing traffic lift for your ATM program and increasing the number of potential cash-carrying customers in your locations.