Allpoint – Maximizing ATM Transactions

Tapping millions of cardholders to deliver ATM transactions and foot traffic you never thought possible.

Allpoint is a revolution in the way we bring ATM users to the ATMs in your locations. It allows us to leverage over 60 million cardholders, more than any bank, and direct them to participating ATMs.

Why It Works

Consumers prefer not to pay ATM surcharges, it’s common sense. In fact, many will only pay a fee in unique circumstances. Allpoint leverages this basic fact to bring new traffic to your stores.

Allpoint is a surcharge-free network that brings in surcharge-avoiders to use participating ATMs. Banks, credit unions and prepaid card operators leverage Allpoint to stay competitive by providing their cardholders with access to the Allpoint network.

But mere access is not enough. Cardtronics works directly with participating financial institutions to proactively drive awareness of Allpoint ATMs through marketing programs, social media, mobile location services, and more.

The end result – more ATM customers coming through your doors to use an ATM, your ATM, that they would have otherwise avoided or used only infrequently.

Visit the Allpoint website to learn more about Allpoint.