Traffic-Generating Programs

The key to capitalizing on the total value of your program is to maximize its usage. Cardtronics can help.
The total value of your ATM program is a combination of the revenue you receive every time a customer conducts a surcharged ATM withdrawal transaction and the additional sales revenue generated from customers who come into your location to use the ATM and walk out having made additional purchases.
It's a simple fact that many consumers avoid ATMs that levy a surcharge fee. Cardtronics can help you tap into the vast pool of potential customers who would otherwise avoid your ATM by including your ATM in our optional surcharge-free networks

Allpoint Network
Through Allpoint, a Cardtronics subsidiary, we operate the largest surcharge-free network in the world, a network encompassing millions and millions of potential new customers. Of course, Cardtronics’ surcharge-free programs are completely voluntary. You are never obligated to join any surcharge-free network and can opt out at any time.

Some of the many advantages of Allpoint include:

  • Direct marketing of the Allpoint network and its locations by over 1,200 financial institutions
  • Inclusion in Allpoint’s location services including mobile location apps for iPhone and Android devices
  • Marketing of your sites online through the Allpoint online mapping tools available from Allpoint and many financial institutions
  • Ability to capture fee-avoiding customers who would otherwise drive by your ATM looking for a surcharge-free Allpoint machine

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